Henry County Kentucky LaMaster and Smith Wills and DeedsLink
Caplinger bible - Family of Menerva (Caplinger) LaMaster (1867-1951) wife of Zachary Herndon LaMasterLink
Hatfield Bible - Page 1Link
Hatfield Bible - Page 2Link
Oglesby-LaMaster-Noel BibleLink
LaMaster genealogy chart - Ancestors of Matalea LaMaster, daughter of John Tyler LaMaster Link
File contains a promissory note from Abraham LaMaster to William L. Hill, the signature of Abraham LaMaster (1792 -1842 son of James) and a file that provides that Abraham LeMaster (1639-1722) was the son of John and Sarah LaMaster and that Abraham was born in the Parish of St. Marie, Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands.Link
Family of Orem LaMaster, by by Nancy Bartlett Tandy LaMaster. Orem was a grandson of Benjamin LaMaster.Link
Letter from Ethel LaMaster to Lillian LaMaster Hollingsworth - 1935Link
Letter from Margaret Nelson Herberger to Charles and Virginia LaMaster - 1959Link
Letter from Grace Mahin to Ethel LaMaster - 1935Link
Martha Godby Centenarian AwardLink