Washburn Family

John Washburn

John, father of Samuel, died at an early age, probably between 1839 and 1842. He was married at least once to Sarah Davis, daughter of Samuel Davis. They apparently had only two children: Samuel and John.

Samuel’s death certificate lists his mother as Susanna Davis. Her first name was Sarah. This is supported by several census records and the record of her second marriage. A year or so after John’s death Sarah remarried a James Moore in Switzerland Co., Indiana. Sarah was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Davis. This is supported by the estate papers of Samuel Davis in Switzerland Co., Indiana.

There were several daughthers by this marriage, one of whom was Mollie, who married William Henry Herman who was a fire department chief for Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Cemetery records at St. Louis Cemetery in Jefferson County, Kentucky, indicates that her real name was Amanda. She is also listed as Amanda in the 1900 and 1910 Jefferson Co., Kentucky census. William was the son of August and Johanna Herman of Louisville, Kentucky

The 1850 census records for Switzerland Co., Indiana shows a James Moore, age 60; with Sally, age 38; Samuel (listed without any indication of a Washburn surname), age 15; John, age 12 ; Permelia and Louisa, age 5; a daughter listed only as M., age 3; and an unnamed daughter age 1. The 1860 Carroll Co., Kentucky census shows Sarah A. Moore, age 42; Amanda Moore, age 17; Mary Moore, age 9; and Samuel Washburn, 25.

According to the 1920 census record for John’s son, Samuel, both John and Sarah were born in Virginia, while Samuel was born in Kentucky. The 1900 and 1910 census record for John’s son, Samuel, indicates that Samuel, John and Sarah were all born in Indiana.

Samuel Washburn

Eliza Dillon (Gullion) Washburn, wife of Samuel Washburn (left) and her sister-in-law Amanda “Mollie” (Moore) Herman

Samuel Washburn was probably born in Switzerland Co., Indiana (although some records indicate he was born in Kentucky.) He was married first to a Jane Webster in 1863 in Carroll County, Kentucky. According to stories he told his children, he fought in the Civil War on the Union side, although I have not yet found a record of his service. According to family tradition, he return on leave from the war to find his wife dying with their first child (who also died). Later he married Eliza Dillon Gullion with whom he had nine children

Clarence Arnold Washburn

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Clarence Arnold Washburn with his wife, Elizabeth Ann (Hicks) Washburn

Clarence Arnold Washburn was the youngest child of Samuel and Eliza Gullion Washburn. He served in the navy during World War I and tried to re-enlist during World War II, but was turned down for active duty. He married Elizabeth Ann Hicks. They lived all of their lives near English, Carroll County, Kentucky. He operated a grocery and furniture store. Up until near his death at age 89, he tended several acres of garden at his home in English.

Betty (Washburn) Hill

Betty Washburn Hill - Copy
Betty Jean (Washburn) Hill

Betty Jean (Washburn) Hill was the fifth youngest of seven children of Clarence Arnold and Elizabeth Ann (Hicks) Washburn who lived to adulthood. Betty married Horace Edgar Hill and lived her adult life in Henry County, Kentucky. She died at the age of 85.