Littleton Tingle’s Connection to Hugh Tingle

Littleton Tingle was born about 1765. He lived in the disputed area between Maryland and Delaware that later become the Mason-Dixon Line. His children claim to be born in Maryland, yet he shows up on the tax records of Sussex County, Delaware, in the late 1780’s, along with John, Jasper, and Thomas indicating that when they were born, they were in Maryland, but by the time they were listed on the tax rolls, the land they were living on was part of Delaware.

Littleton moved with his brothers and cousins to Fayette County, Kentucky probably about 1794 where he first appears on the 1795 tax records of Fayette County. He moved to Henry County, Kentucky, in 1806 where he appears on the tax records in 1807 along with Thomas Tingle and Kindle Tingle who was probably the oldest son of John. Littleton died in 1848 in Henry County, Kentucky and his wife, Mary (maiden name unknown) died in Henry County in 1843.

There is very little doubt about the fact that Littleton was a descendant of Hugh Tingle and Elizabeth (Powell) Tingle but exactly where he fits into the family tree takes a little guess work.

Hugh and Elizabeth are known to have had the following children who were all mentioned in the will of Hugh:

  • Samuel Tingle born 17 Sep 1684 in Pocomoke City, Worcester, Maryland; died 1721 in Worchester Co., Maryland. He married Sarah Cobb (daughter of William and Mary Cobb.)
  • Hugh Tingle born about 1686 in Somerset Co., Maryland; died about Sep 10 1764 in Craven Co., North Carolina. He married Comfort Fassett.
  • John Tingle born about 1688 in Somerset Co., Maryland; died 1737 in Maryland. He married Mary Margaret Rickards.
  • Sarah Tingle born about 1694 in Somerset Co., Maryland; died 1734. She married Charles Collins.
  • Margaret Tingle born about 1696 in Somerset Co., Maryland; died 1732. She married Richard Hudson.
  • Elizabeth Tingle born about 1698 in Somerset Co., Maryland; died 1734. She married about 1721 in Somerset, Maryland John Seuls , born about 1698 in of Somerset, Maryland.
  • Mary Tingle born about 1700 in Somerset Co., Maryland. She married William COBB.
  • Daniel Tingle, born about 1704 in Somerset Co., Maryland. He married Mary _____.

Hugh and Elizabeth are also believed to have had the following children who were not listed in Hugh’s will:

  • Stephen Tingle born 21 May 1689 in Somerset Co., Maryland.
  • Jane Tingle, born 19 Jul 1690 in Somerset Co., Maryland.
  • William Tingle born 29 Aug 1692 in Somerset Co., Maryland.

The rest of Hugh and Elizabeth’s children have been fairly well researched except for Samuel. Samuel and Sarah (Cobb) Tingle are known to have had two sons, both of whom were mentioned in the will of their grandfather, Hugh Tingle:

  • Littleton Tingle, born about 1717 in Somerset Co., Maryland; died 1752 in Sussex Co., Delaware or Worchester Co., Maryland. He married Margaret Smith.
  • Samuel Tingle, born about 1719 in Somerset Co., Maryland.

In 1735 Littleton was living with Ann Smith (presumably related to Margaret Smith who he ultimately married) in Somerset Co., Maryland. Samuel was living with his grandfather, William Cobb in Somerset Co., Maryland. In 1738 Samuel was living with Mary Tingle (presumably his grandmother) in Somerset Co, Maryland and Littleton had his own household, presumably having gotten married sometime between 1735 and 1738. Samuel is again living with his grandfather, William Cobb again in 1739. He does not appear on the Somerset Co., Maryland tax lists in 1740.

Margaret (Smith) Tingle, widow of Littleton Tingle, remarried a Mr. Robb on 27 March 1753 in Somerset Co., Maryland; Littleton having died in 1752. Littleton’s estate, settled March 27, 1753 in Somerset Co., Maryland provides the list of his children:

  • Samuel Tingle, born about 1740 in Somerset Co., Maryland. He married Amy Wyatt.
  • John Tingle, born about 1742 in Somerset Co., Maryland.
  • Rhoda Tingle, born about 1744 in Somerset Co., Maryland.
  • Molly Tingle, born about 1746 in Somerset Co., Maryland.

That leaves us with Samuel (son of Samuel and Sarah (Cobb) Tingle) being the likely ancestor of Littleton Tingle of Henry Co., Kentucky. Samuel Tingle (son of Samuel and Sarah (Cobb) Tingle) died in 1768 in Worcester County, Maryland.

We know from estate papers of Samuel that the first name Samuel’s wife was Sarah. Land Records of Worcester County, Maryland (Book D page 284, 8 May 1758)  “between John Farwell and Mary his wife and Thomas Farwell Tingle” give Thomas’ middle name. Another land record (Book H page 634, 14 Nov 1771) provides that Thomas Farwell Tingle sold 29 acres to William Davis Stevens bought of “Uncle John Farwell.” This gives a very strong indication that the maiden name of Sarah was Farwell.

The link between Samuel and Littleton Tingle is based on the research of Virginia Tolman, a long time Tingle family researcher. We know from the estate of Samuel, that Samuel had five children. According to Virginia, their names were Oliver, Mathias, Thomas, Sarah and son whose name she does not know. I am not sure the basis for this listing of children. Once I find out the source, I will update this information.

According to Ms. Tolman, Oliver has to at least two sons, Jasper, born about 1762, and Littleton, born about 1766, and Thomas had at least two sons, Thomas and John. Littleton, Jasper, Thomas and John all seem to have migrated to Kentucky about the same time. Littleton settled in Henry County, Kentucky, Jasper and Thomas settled around Fayette County, Kentucky and John settled around Scott County, Kentucky. I will update this as I find out more details about the source of this information.