Hugh and Elizabeth (Powell) Tingle

Hugh Tingle was born about 1654. He lived in Somerset Co., Maryland and died there. Somerset County Court records state that Hugh Tingle was 76 years of age in 1730. That would put his year of birth at about 1654.

Hugh Tingle (spelled Tengle) “and Elizabeth Powell were married by Mr. Traile, Minister, ye twenty-first day of December, Anno Domini, one thousand six hundred eighty—three.”  Willaim Traile was one of the earliest Presbyterian ministers.

Elizabeth was born about 1666 in Accomack Co., Virginia. Elizabeth died in 1746 in Somerset Co., Maryland and is buried in Worcester Co., Maryland. Her will is dated 18 May 1740 and was probated 19 July 1746 in Somerset Co., Maryland. Her surname was spelled Tingell in her will. Elizabeth was the daughter of Walter Powell and Margaret Berry. Her father was a Quaker and “one of the highest class of early settlers in Somerset County.” It should be mentioned that this part of the county did not become Worcester until the latter was erected from it in 1742.

The year of birth of Elizabeth (Powell) Tingle was similarly extrapolated from Somerset County Court records which provide, in connection with the request of John Eshen (or Eshan) for a determination of the boundaries of a tract of land called “Winter Quarter Lying on Herring Creek in Baltemore Hundred” in Old Somerset County, that Elizabeth was age 73 in 1779. That puts her year of birth at about 1666. The same record provides that Elizabeth’s father was William Powell.

Hugh’s Migration to Maryland

Hugh was one of those persons transported in 1668 on the ship named “Supply of Whittby” under the command of Thomas Pieghen. In 1969 Christopher Rousby, who received 350 acres of land for the transportation, which included 6 other individuals.

The Name Tingle

The name Tingle appears to be of English inception. Tingle, or Tinghill, originally denoted a dweller at the Meeting or Court Hill, from the Old English “ting”, meaning a meeting or court of justice. On the Yorshore Poll Tax of 1379, there appears a Ricardus Tynghill. By the fifteenth century the name had become Tyngyl.

Early Tingles

Other Early Tingles arriving in what is now the United States include:

  •  Palmer Tingle (Tingley) who sailed for New England on “Planter” from Tilbury, 2 England on 8 April 1635. He was 21 years of age and a miller. The ship arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts. in May of 1635. He settled near what is now Sudbury, Massachusetts.
  •  John Tingle, who was transported into Virginia on 22 May 1650 by Mr. James Williamson, was among 36 persons for whom Williamson was granted 1,800 acres on the north side of the Rappahannock River.
  •  John Tingle was one of 21 persons transported into the Province of Maryland on 15 June 1670 by Captain Edward Peerce who received 1,050 acres of land thereby.
  • John Tingle and his wife, Joanne were referenced in the will of Claud Longpre of Kent, Maryland (probated September 1690) which left one half of his estate to his wife Ruth, and the other half to John Tingle being her father in law. His children were to be looked after by John Tingle and his wife. It would seem that the father of Ruth Longpre had died and that her mother had remarried to a John Tingle. Letters of Administration on the estate of John Tingle, deceased late of the County of Kent in Delaware were granted unto his widow, Johanna Tingle. It is possible that this John Tingle is the same John Tingle who was transported to Maryland in 1670.

Hugh Tingle in England


It appears likely that Hugh Tingle who was born about 1654 and married Elizabeth Powell was the son of Symon and Isabell (Kitchin) Tingle. The parish register for Winterton Lincolnshire has a record of the marriage of Symon and Isabell on 20 October 1648. Several of their children appear on parish registers.

  • Hugh Tingle, father Symon Tingle, was baptized on 10 Jun 1646 in Whitton, Lincolnshire J. Seeger Kerns in an article appearing in The Tingle Descendants provides that this Hugh was born out of wedlock and subsequently died.
  • Ann Tingle, father Symon Tingle was baptized on 27 July 1648 in Whitton.
  • Hugh Hugh Tingle, parents Symon Tingle and Isabell Kitchen, was baptized on 13 April 1654 in Belton-in-Axholme, Lincolnshire.

The first child of Symon and Isabell (Kitchen) Tingle, Hugh Tingle, subsequently died and their third child was also named Hugh. This Hugh is the right age to be the Hugh Tingle who married Elizabeth Powell.

There was also a Thomas Tingle, whose father is listed as Symon Tingle, baptized on 28 September 1635, in Lincoln, St. Peter, Eastgate, Lincolnshire. His birth would have preceded the marriage of Symon Tingle and Isabell Kitchen. This could be the son of this Symon by another wife or the son of another Symon Tingle

The father of Symon Tingle who married Isabell Kitchen was baptized 1 March 1621 in Whitton parish. His father was listed as Hugh. A John Tingle, son of Hugh, was also baptized on 1 March 1621 in Whitton and was probably a twin brother.

There is no record of a burial of a Hugh Tingle in the area that could be this Hugh, but that does not necessarily prove that Hugh, son of Symon (who married Isabell Kitchen) is the Hugh who moved to Maryland. We probably will never know for sure, but it appears likely that he is the one and the same.

Portions of the above were taken from articles appearing in The Tingle Descendants, a newsletter published in the 1980s. J. Seeger Kerns was the editor of the newsletter and wrote some of the articles. Other articles used as a source were written by David Shaw.