Obituaries - Various 2005-2011Link
Various obituaries
Forest Carr, Jr..
Cobler Florence C.
Carr Elza
David E. Wainscott
Wainscott Roy
Green Berry Louden
Elmer Lowden
Sylvia Hardin
Wainscott George Elmer
Louden Marcus
Francis James Wainscott
Elizabeth Tingle
Stivers Mary
Mary D. Heaton
Herman Tingle
Luna Crawford McGowan
Rubydel Bryant Tingle
Barton W. Tingle
Zina Harris
Lydia Tingle
Obituary - William PerryLink
Obituary - Thelma TingleLink
Obituary - Sly TingleLink
Obituary - Russell V. NoeLink
Obituary - Russell TingleLink
Obituary - Reva TingleLink
Obituary - Paul JonesLink
Obituary - Neil TingleLink
Obituary - Maude KelleyLink
Obituary - Mattie MahoneyLink
Obituary - Mary ThomasLink
Obituary - Marcus TingleLink
Obituary - Juanita Tingle Brewer #1Link
Obituary - Juanita Tingle Brewer #2Link
Obituary - Joda BaileyLink
Obituary - Jewell Keith TingleLink
Obituary - Jessie OremLink
Obituary - Jennie TingleLink
Obituary - Helen PerryLink
Obituary - Hazel SuterLink
Obituary - Gladys RansdellLink
Obituary - Gertrude TingleLink
Obituary - Forrest TingleLink
Obituary - Floyd PowellLink
Obituary - Floyd DowneyLink
Obituary - Evelyn JonesLink
Obituary - Daisey Berry TingleLink
Obituary - Clyde StaffordLink
Obituary - Charles PerryLink
Obituary - Catherine LongLink
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Obituary - Avery TingleLink
Obituary - Anna TingleLink
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Abstracts of selected 1911 Henry County, KY Death CertificatesLink
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Some obituaries and death notices from primarily The Louisville Courier-Journal and Henry County Local and some other surrounding newspapersLink
Death certificate of William Jones, son of Samuel Jones and Clarissa Jane TingleLink
Death Certificate of Cynthia Young Tingle Compliments of Leni ScarrLink
Selected Tingle Obituaries of some descendants of Littleton Tingle of Henry Co., KYLink
Obituary of Charles Harold Perry from Henry County (KY) Local, September 6, 2000Link
Obituary of Laura Jones (daughter of Hattie Tingle Mahoney) from the Henry County (KY) Local, October 4, 2000Link
Trimble Co., KY Obituary Abstracts 1970-1989Link
Abstracts of selected 1937 Henry County, Kentucky death certificates compliments of Virginia TolmanLink
Kentucky Deaths: Bishop, Lansberry, and Tingle and their descendants from Virginia TolmanLink
Abstracts of selected 1935 KY Death Certificates from Virginia TolmanLink
Tingle obituaries: Barry Tingle (2014), Nellie (Simmons) Tingle (2013), George C. Tingle (2009), William F. Tingle (2013)Link