This website has information on the ancestors of Karen (Robertson) Hill’s father.

Robertson Family: Karen’s grandfather was Edward Garland Robertson, husband of Aurelia Bell (Springfield) Robertson. Edward was descended from William was born in Scotland and died in Nelson Co., Kentucky around July 1796 in Nelson Co., Kentucky.


William Nelson and Amelia (Overton) Robertson
(original picture owned by Jerome Parker Conrey)

Morgan Family: Karen’s great-grandmother was Frances Martha (Morgan) Roberson, wife of Samuel Booker Robertson. Frances’ grandfather was John Morgan from Virginia.


Frances Martha (Morgan) Robertson
wife of Samuel Booker Robertson


Burns Family: Karen’s great-grandmother was Palestine Overton (Burns) Springfield, wife of William J. Springfield. Palestine was descended from Conrad Burns who was born about 1735 in Scotland and died in 1784 in Anson Co., North Carolina.


Palestine Overton (Burns) Springfield Tombstone Burns Cemetery, Moseleyville, McLean Co., KY

Springfield Family: Karen’s grandmother was Aurelia Bell (Springfield) Robertson, wife of Edward Garland Robertson. Aurelia was descended from Moses Springfield who was born about 1763 in Franklin Co., North Carolina.


Dr. William J. Springfield