Hill Family

Samuel Hill

Samuel was born in Yorkshire, England near Sheffield about 1755. His place of birth is established by a letter from his daughter-in-law, Louisa Hickman Hill, dated August 16, 1868 and the bible of his grand daughter, Phebe (daughter of George Littlewood Hill.) His approximate year of birth is established by court records in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He died on August 8, 1808 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He is mentioned in 1787 Caroline Co. tax list. He was administrator William Hudson’s estate in 1799. Various other researchers have attempted to assign parents to Samuel, including Henry Truman and Elizabeth Peach Hill. To-date, I have found nothing to indicate who Samuel’s parents were.

It is possible that his mother’s surname was “Littlewood.” The middle name of his son, George, was Littlewood. Also the middle name of his grandson, Joseph, son of Henry, was Littlewood.

Clarissa, Samuel’s wife, moved to Fayette County, Kentucky around 1815 with her children after the death of her husband, Samuel. Her oldest son, Henry, was married his first cousin, Elizabeth Holloway, in nearby Clark County in 1816. Nancy, their daughter, married William Pickett in Fayette County in 1821. At the time Nancy was born the name Nancy was a nickname for Anne. Nancy’s legal name was probably Anne Clarissa. Her second oldest son, George, married Louisa Venona Hickman in Fayette County in 1822. Their daughter, Elizabeth, married John Sharp in Fayette County and died in childbirth or shortly afterwards in 1825. Some time thereafter and prior to 1830 Clarissa moved to Henry County, Kentucky.

Elizabeth died in Clark County, Kentucky after giving birth to her second child. Henry and Anne (Nancy) migrated to Missouri. Henry died on the Oregon Trail with some of his descendants making it to California. George settled in Illinois. William stayed in Henry County where the family lived for six generations.

Clarissa Jane (Holloway) Hill

Clarissa Jane (Holloway) Hill was the daughter of William Holloway.  Her son, George Littlewood Hill, left a diary of sorts that lists her date of birth as June 18, 1763.  She was probably born in Virginia. There was a large Holloway family living in Caroline County, Virginia at the time. Some sources give her place of birth and the place of her marriage to Samuel as England. This is probably incorrect. Her date of death is clearly April 17, 1847.  Her tombstone in Smithfield in Henry County, Kentucky says that she was 80 years old at the date of her death that would make her year of birth 1767.  Clarissa was born in Caroline County, Virginia, according to the bible of her granddaughter, Phoebe Laurinda Hill, daughter of George Littlewood Hill.

William L. Hill

Amanda (Walker) Hill, wife of William L. HillAmanda Walker Hill, wife of William L. Hill

William L. Hill, Ed’s great-great grandfather, was the youngest son of Samuel and Clarissa Holloway. He was only 3 months old when his father died. He moved with his mother to Fayette Co., Kentucky, Clark Co., Kentucky and then on to Henry Co., Kentucky sometime prior to 1830. In 1834 William married Amanda

William L Hill FamilyChildren and in-laws of William L. and Amanda (Walker) Hill, Left to Right: Clay Meal Hill, Mattie Van Cleeve Hill, Richard Tidrick, Elizabeth Arminta Hill Tidrick, George Elzy Hill, Fitzhugh Watkins Hill, Mattie LaMaster Hill, Horace William Hill

Horace William Hill

Horace William and Martha Lee (LaMaster) Hill. Horace was the son of William L. Hill.

Horace William Hill was the fourth child of William L. and Amanda Walker Hill. Horace was born in June 1853 in Henry County, Kentucky and died in the same county on August 17, 1901, of injuries suffered from being kicked in the stomach by a horse. His death occurred several days after the injury following surgery in his home on the kitchen table. The house where he lived is pictured above. It was located on the family farm in Henry County, Kentucky. It was the home of his father William L. Hill and probably built by William’s mother when she moved to Henry Co. prior to 1830. Horace William was married to Martha “Mattie” LaMaster Hill.

William Weldon Hill


William Weldon Hill and his wife, Bernice (Harlan) Hill. Weldon was the son of Horace William and Martha Lee (LaMaster) Hill

William Weldon Hill and his wife, Bernice (Harlan) Hill. Weldon was the son of Horace William and Martha Lee (LaMaster) Hill

William Weldon Hill was the second child and oldest son of Horace William Hill and Martha “Mattie” LaMaster Hill. He was born 19 June 1890. He died on 17 May 1970. Weldon built the house he lived in all his life just prior to his marriage to Bernice Harlan. He had the help of his youngest brother, Marshall Tyler “Rip” Hill. His farm was part of the original Hill farm that was bought when his great-grandmother, Clarissa Holloway Hill moved to Henry County, Kentucky from Virginia.

Horace Edgar Hill

Horace Edgar Hill son Bernice (Harlan) HIll

Horace Edgar Hill was the youngest son of William Weldon and Bernice (Harlan) Hill. We was born on the firm owned by his father which was part of the Hill farm in Henry County dating back to the mid-1800s. He spent his whole life farming that farm.

Original Hill House

The original Hill house in Henry County, Kentucky on the family farm. Clarissa (Holloway) Hill lived their with her son, Horace William Hill. The oldest grandchild of Horace William Hill, Martha Irene (Montfort) Wilborn was born in the house.

The frame house pictured may have been the original Hill house in Henry County, Kentucky.  Samuel gave Clarissa the right to use the assets of his estate for her life.  When Clarissa first moved to Henry County, Kentucky, she bought four hundred acres with the proceeds from his estate.  The land was purchased in the name of her children.  The above house burned in the 1920s and was replaced by a smaller frame house which also burned.  All of Horace William Hill’s children were born in the above house.  His oldest great-grandchild, Irene Monfort was also born there.