This website has information on the ancestors of Karen (Robertson) Hill’s mother.

Acre Family: Karen’s grandfather was Dr. Robert Ragle Acre, husband of Beulah Irene (Gibson) Acre. Dr. Acre was descended from Leonard Acre who was born about 1799 in North Carolina and died about 1873 in Martin Co., IN. Leonard is probably a grandson of William Acre of Wayne Co., Kentucky. Robert Ragle Acre’s grandfather, Ephraim Acre is pictured below.

Ephriam Acre

Gibson Family: Karen’s grandmother was Beulah Irene (Gibson) Acre, wife of Dr. Robert Ragle Acre. Beulah was descended from Andrew Gibson who was born about 1708 in Ireland and died October 25, 1803 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania. Beulah’s father, Charles Wesley Gibson is pictured at below.

Charles Wesley Gibson


Tomlinson Family: Karen’s great-grandmother was Mary Elizabeth (Tomlinson) Acre (at left) wife of Robert Hamilton Acre. Mary was the granddaughter of Henry Tomlinson who was born about 1810 in Pennsylvania and died about 1870. Mary Elizabeth (Tomlinson) Acre is pictured below.

Mary Tomlinson Acre

Thomas Family: Karen’s great-grandmother was Margaret (Thomas) Gibson wife of Charles Wesley Gibson. Margaret is descended from Joel Thomas who was born about 1767 in Virginia and died May 6, 1850 in Putnam Co., Indiana. Margaret (Thomas) Gibson, wife of Charles Wesley Gibson, is believed to be pictured below.

Maggie Thomas Gibson - Probably 032